viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Reading Comprehension: "What does this mean??"

Chapter 6 - Hedge - Reading
I have successfully uploaded the document here. I think it is much easier to leave comments here than in the text on the wall. However, you can still read the original post on the column on the right, immediately above the Power Point presentation- I wasn't able to delete it.
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  1. About looking for translations: did you know it's been said this techniques works wonders for kinaesthetic learners? I guess it might have to do with building "bridges" between the different linguistic codes... Totally agree with your idea of welcoming, yet not fostering the use of this strategy, though. Perhaps it's because I've never met a student unwilling to translate the FL into their L1! :-P
    One last thing: I think your ideas about how the T can teach sts to use the different strategies effectively just cool! That's where WE can make a difference, or so I say!