lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Hi everyone,
here is my glog on listening. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Hello Normis,
    Lovely presentation!
    I liked your activity. I think it is very good to prepare sts by working with the meaning of some words before reading and after reading as well so as to reinforce their acquisition. Also, I think it important to work with the global ideas too (with the titles.)Although it seems an activity more focused on vocabulary-work, it is also vital to get the meaning of the whole context.

    See you,

  2. Well, I'm not sure Lucía and I have been looking into the same thing, I'm afraid...

    Talking about your Glogster, I'd like to say I've found your analysis quite complete and it has helped me reflect upon teaching listening in a very special context: ESP with quite advanced learners... Something your work has reminded of is the importance of considering the authenticity of texts and tasks through the learners' eyes... For business people, it's quite likely that listening to monologues by experts and taking down notes are part of their ordinary lives!
    Keep it going!