sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

Learner autonomy

This is an example of learner autonomy, and it's all to your credit, Gla! In a few months I have improved on blogging, I have also learnt to use the Glogster and I would never have dreamt I would be able to make a Power Point presentation just by myself. Thank you for insisting, it feels great! It's just that I need time to process and try like a hundred times until I find the way to do the things on my own, without help. Well, here it goes. Hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. Hello my friend!

    I do not have words to describe your Power Point presentation! It´s perfect!! I remember the old Normis when she said that she was not able to do anything like this. Ha ha! Congratulations!

    Well, I totally agree when you wrote about games, computers and movies to foster learners´autonomy. I believe that when students have sources that are part of their everyday lives, it is much easier for them to consult and they enjoy using them. This is because we not always want to work with a book or photocopies but it is nice to do exercises online and watch movies or TV programmes to learn!

    Keep on surprising us!

    Big kiss


  2. A clear overview of resources we can use to foster autonomous learning, and most wonderfully presented, I must say... Clap, clap, clap!!!!
    Schools would really profit from a "reminder" like this, I believe... It's not rare to find institutions where a lot has been invested in getting such materials as readers and CD-ROMS(not to mention many students have access to it at home, with the extra benefits this brings about), only to forget we need to teach students how to take advantage of them!
    Kudos to you on your newly-developed computer skills, Normis! (and it's not my merit at all, though I'm glad to have had the privilege of "witnessing" this).

  3. Better late than never. Thanks to both of you for your supporting comments.
    Debbie, thank you!. I am still struggling with technology, you know. But I'll keep on trying. And learning at the same time.
    Gla, you are too humble. Of course this is thanks to you! Who's been insisting on new ways of learning, doing things differently, using other resources? :D!!!! (Ha! You see? Even with emoticons now! hahaha)