jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Start afresh

OK, here I go again.
A new academic year has started and this time (I hope!) I will be able to finish what I have started...twice! Time is definitely not on my side, you see, Mick. I'm always short of it.
My expectations as for this year? To learn to understand teens and adults, but mostly adolescents; to learn and borrow techniques from my peer trainees ;-); this is the last time (hopefully) I will be attending Methods at a TTC so, yes, I think that those are the key words for me: learn, understand. And of course, to finish the course this time!!! I can only promise to do my best.

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  1. Welcome back, dear Norma! I can see this time the "exit line" is clearly set as a priority in your mind. Count on me to help you reach it!
    Have you already set a definite schedule for you to work for this course? That should help! It might also help you to think of tasks assigned throughout the year more as opportunities to show your knowledge and look into yourself than as "tests" to measure how much you've understood or learned... We all know you're a great teacher!
    Now, turning to our topic of discussion: I'm afraid I don't feel ready to help you "understand teens and adults" (you're asking too much of me, you see? ;-P!). Anyway, what would you say is (in your view) the most puzzling thing about them as learners? I often find them "surprising" in several ways, but usually it's a pleasant feeling, you know... Not upsetting at all, I mean... Does the same happen to you?

  2. Upsetting? Of course not. Do you know what puzzles me? I work hard for a whole year, and I sometimes get this feeling that they're just not listening to me, as if they really don't care. And then, when we meet the following year (and they are no longer my students) they come to my classroom to say bye, and speak so nicely to other teachers about me that I honestly want to shout at them: WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT TO ME THE YEAR BEFORE??? Who can understand them? Anyway, thanks for all your support, Gla.

  3. Ha ha, Norma! I guess I understand how YOU feel! One of the most puzzling things of our teen students - though at times learners of any age - is that we feel that we're not reaching them the way, or how much, we would like to, and eventually they find a way - their way - of showing that we have. I guess most teachers do reach their students eventually. But it's also us who feel we work so hard and need feedback from them more often. Perhaps that could be one of the things we can learn together: how to maintain a balanced feedback with them on a more regular basis... (?)
    Anyway, I hope this doesn't sound so daunting a goal for a first comment;-P!
    Reading you soon,

  4. Thanks for your comment, Rodri. It is a pleasure to share this experience with you and the girls. I am sure we will all profit from the experience. Look forward to reading your blog as well :-D!!!